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Our leadership training courses teach you how to communicate effectively and develop leadership abilities. Whether you're looking for personal development, upskilling, or professional growth, we can offer something perfect for you.

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With the right leadership training, you can become a more effective leader and contribute even more to your team's success.

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Our Leadership and Soft Skill Training Programs Help Leaders at all Levels

Corporate Development Toronto

We believe that inspiring communication paired with action are the keys to unlocking everyone's leadership potential. Self-awareness, the ability to develop trust, and the gift of influencing others are three crucial skill set for anyone who strives for or finds themselves in a leadership position.

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Corporate Development Toronto

We help business owners and individuals fully explore their passions, dreams, and new ideas to their full potential. Our programs are developed by founders for founders to support their mid level managers.

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Corporate Development Toronto

The Venned Group uses over 3 decades of collective educational and practical leadership experience to train leaders at all levels to utilize observation and communication as key leadership tools. Our program graduates spend time understanding what consciously and subconsciously influences their behaviors so that they can become cognizant of their own influence.

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Corporate Development Toronto

Our resources are packed with actionable and relatable ideas from our leadership communication specialists. Read, listen or watch — whatever suits your learning style!

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    Read through our vast resources and training courses.

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    Watch our training videos.

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    Listen to different episodes of our podcast and training memos.

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What our clients say


Corporate Development Toronto

  • “The SPARK training truly brought our team closer together and gave us a whole new perspective on each other and how we interact. Kendra was so positive, delightful, and patient. She was absolutely amazing at tailoring the lessons to our team dynamics and guiding us to apply each lesson to our own unique situations.” 

    - Heather D

  • "Kendra, I just want to take a moment to let you know how much I love working with you. I'm learning so much! Thank you very much for all the support. I'm really loving all the ways you're adding to my abilities to be effective."

    - Yollanda Z

  • “Kendra was an excellent presenter, very informative and great to keep us engaged. I truly feel there was no wasted time during this training and would definitely recommend it to anyone in the workfield.”

    - Joan T

  • “Thank you so much. I have trouble standing up for myself to management in regards to realistic aspects of my job. I get so stressed out. The little key words to keep along the way with the tools you’ve provided will help me change.”

    - Madie P

  • “Great training!!” - Lani P., Director of Child Care - brought me on to train her entire team. Her biggest takeaway was “reflecting on how it applies to me & how I can help my staff with communication.”

    - Lani P

  • “I really enjoyed the training & information. My biggest takeaway was learning how to ask for what I need. I really enjoyed the exercises, I learned a lot about myself.”

    - Melissa D

  • “Thank you & love your energy.”

    - Kathleen T

  • “I really enjoyed this training and learn more about myself and the people that I work with. My biggest takeaway was learning about more effective communication strategies that could be used in the workplace.”

    - Anonymous

  • “I enjoyed learning about myself, the different types of personalities there are and how to positively interact with others along with the tips for how to have a difficult conversation. Overall great presentation/workshop.”

    - Anonymous

  • “I enjoyed learning or accepting (funny how rating or saying yes made it real) my behaviours. I’m & confident enough to take the things that I “am” & change what I need to.”

    - Anonymous

  • “Kendra is very personable. I usually have a hard time focusing but Kendra was able to keep my attention. Very informative and useful information. I will apply some/all of the things I learned here today. Enjoyed the verbal and interactive aspects of the workshop.”

    - Anonymous

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